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Fat Loss
Glute Specific Training
Physique and Body Re-Composition


"Gareth pushes you to do things you'd never push yourself to do on your own. He totally drives results. Not only do you feel stronger and leaner but after working with Gareth, you feel great all around. I've worked with many trainers in my time, but Gareth is the real deal... Highly recommended."

- K.L - Client since 2018



"Gareth is the best trainer I've had. Be prepared to work hard. Stick with the program and get ready to be in the best shape of your life"

- Nabil Filali, Client since 2018

Every BODY is different, and everybody has their own goals, preferred nutrition, movement patterns, and injury history.


Over the last four years in fitness, I've worked with clients trying to build a better physique, get ready for

a wedding, optimize performance,

build bigger glutes, introduced inexperienced lifters to the gym,

seniors looking to feel better

and get stronger, and clients with

all sorts of injury histories from

low back pain to knee surgeries. 


Achieving your fitness, nutrition and health goals isn't easy. You'll need to be consistent, dedicated, and work hard. However, if you do, I can guarentee progress while still allowing you to have the odd cookie, pad thai or glass of wine. 


Over the years I've found a calories in, calories out approach to be the most successful fat loss method. Burn more calories than you take in. It's that simple, but that doesn't mean its easy.


Nutrition is a personal journey, some will find success with a ketogenic diet, some with intermittent fasting, some with a vegetarian or vegan diet, others with a more balanced macronutrient approach.


My goal is to find a balance that works for YOU, because consistency is the key. There's no such thing as a diet, to achieve your goals you will have to be able to maintain your nutrition and lifestyle to see and maintain results. 

Let's get after it, ​


How We're Different


The Studio


I work out of two private studios in the Little Italy Area at the College cross streets of Markham and Manning Avenues. 


298 Markham Street  and 567 College St, Toronto, ON

Free Consultation Available by Appointment.

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